The Cal Poly Tree Project and Other Activities

Campus Flora Project

The Conservatory has begun identifying, cataloging, mapping, and creating signage for all the trees and large shrubs on campus. We have also begun planting a number of rare tree species throughout the campus. On this site you can download maps and descriptions of different trees on campus. For a self-guided tree walk map that visits interesting and impressive trees in the center of campus download the map below. If needed, please contact Dr. Ritter for more information.

Click here for a map of interesting trees of campus. (PDF File)
Click here for a list of the trees, their locations on the map, family, and native range. (PDF File)

Campus Flora Files:

Click here for a list of all the trees and large shrub species on campus (known to the Cal Poly Tree Project as of January 2008). (PDF File)
Click here for a complete map of all the trees that have a sign on them in the inner campus core as of February 2008. (PDF File)



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