Mission Statement

The Cal Poly Plant Conservatory pursues its mission through its role as a museum of living plant collections and through its support of plant biology teaching and research at Cal Poly. The Conservatory is designed to inspire all who enter to become more connected to the world of plants through experience and education. The plants in the Conservatory are displayed in a well-designed, visually pleasing manner to promote learning, interest in plants, and awareness of the need for conservation of the world's rare and endangered plant species. Our goal is to help foster education in plant biology through the support of botany courses offered to students at Cal Poly as well as community programs. Specifically, our mission is accomplished in the following ways:

  • Helping to teach Cal Poly students about plant anatomy, physiology, systematics, and pathology through the support of plant biology courses. Displaying rare and biologically interesting plants to provide a beautiful and hospitable setting for the inspiration of the students and the public. Engaging in research to expand the body of knowledge about plants and disseminating the results to science professionals and the general public. Teaching children and adults about plants at a popular level to foster an interest in botany. Arousing public awareness of the fragility of our natural environment, both local and global, and providing information about ways in which it can be conserved and protected.
  • Growing and propagating rare and endangered plant species in the interests of conserving biological diversity.

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