Plants of San Luis Obispo

by Matt Ritter

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Recently published by Kendall/Hunt, Plants of San Luis Obispo is a natural history guide to plant life in the area.

Plants of San Luis Obispo imparts the story of the area’s botanical wonders in the format of an easy-to-read natural history guidebook. This part of California boasts an impressive diversity of plants, with more than 1,300 different native species (more than in the entire state of Alaska) and countless other introduced weeds and horticultural plants. The book vividly portrays the beauty, diversity, and history of the abundant and widespread wild and weedy plants in the area surrounding the city of San Luis Obispo and western portions of the California Central Coast. Matt Ritter’s succinct, non-technical prose is richly illustrated with the author’s photographs of landscapes, plants, and flowers. Over 150 full-color pages describe the habitat, botany, ecology, edible or medicinal properties, uses by Native Americans, etymology, and gardening uses of more than 200 plants. Encyclopedic in scope and full of interesting facts and stories, this comprehensive naturalist’s guide is a wonderful overview of a historically and botanically rich area.

The book is available at the El Corral Bookstore and will soon be available at other local and regional bookstores and online vendors.


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